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Pure Water is Better!

There is a lot of debate as to whether traditional window cleaning, as apposed to Pure Water fed pole window cleaning, is better. Sometimes this is due to people sticking with what they have always used or they simply don't know enough of the science behind Pure Water fed pole window cleaning.

When a traditional window cleaner cleans a window, he will walk away from that window and it will be dry and clean. The Pure Water fed window cleaner will walk away from the window when it is still wet - so the customer can feel that they have not had a complete service. However, because it is Pure Water, and if done correctly, there is no need to dry it or use a squeegee. The Pure Water will sanitise the window and the frame. Because no soap is used, it is environmentally friendly and there is no soap residue left on the glass.

  • Soap Residue - leaves a fine film, undetectable to the human eye, which allows any particles of dirt to adhere to the glass;

  • What's In Water - fluoride; chlorine; and nitrate - these create limescale which then creates those visible hard water marks seen on your windows - Norfolk is a particularly hard water area;

  • Pure Water - is deionised water which has no chemicals in it whatsoever, thus giving any particles of dirt nothing to adhere to and keeping your window cleaner for longer;

  • Streaks and Spotting - on the first use of Pure Water it has to remove any traces of old soap and window cleaning detergent because the pure water will stick to that and create spots. These streaks and spots will be virtually eradicated once all the previously used soaps are removed (which normally takes around 3 washes);

  • Window Trickle Vents - these vents are slim and are found at the top of your windows and they are there to give the correct Building Regulations airflow within your property without opening the windows;

  • Cleaning Window Trickle Vents - a traditional window cleaner cannot provide such an intensive window clean because they do not have a constant flow of water. Whereas as, using Pure Water fed poles, with jets of pure water coming from within the brushes, these can be fired directly into the Trickle Vents and on to the frames, giving a highly intense clean;

  • Safety - it is far safer to use Pure Water fed poles because there is normally no need to use ladders, therefore working safely from the ground;

  • Property Damage - far less likely as Pure Water fed poles never stand on your window ledges, or stand on your porch roof, or lean on your conservatories or touch anything other than your windows.

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