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Have you ever tried washing an oily pan with cold water?

No - we thought not! It just wouldn't make sense - oil needs heat and detergent to have any chance of lifting it off. So that is why we have upgraded our equipment to include a Lavor Vulcano HOT BOX Heat Exchanger which gives us the added advantage of removing some of the stains like grease, oil and heavily soiled grim on your driveways and patios. We can set the temperature up to 140c which attacks the stains at a molecular level and dissolves the dirt.

It uses less water and detergent which makes it more environmentally friendly.

If you have a surface which needs cleaning, by using the HOT BOX we can reduce the need for high pressure water due to the higher cleaning temperature capability of the HOT BOX, thereby reducing the risk of any damage to old mortar joints etc.

With the HOT BOX on a high temperature, the Pressure Washer on a high setting and the Professional Chemicals that we also use there should be a high success rate for removing the most stubborn stains and grime that can devalue your property and reduce it's curb appeal.

We have found that with internal Garage floors (both domestic and commercial) using the skills we have and the top notch equipment, we can get the surfaces free from GREASE, OIL and GRIME and therefore making them look so much cleaner.

The HOT BOX is also really efficient at removing fat left outside commercial kitchens, loading areas and generally anywhere that has had fat spilled.

Another highly effective use for the HOT BOX is removal of Graffiti and you can also use it for cleaning Tractors, Trailers and other agricultural equipment.

Although stain removal can never be guaranteed, with the combination of equipment that we use, we do have a high success rate which we are very proud of.

Here are some examples of the cleaning process of how to bring a patio back from baked in dirt to gloriously clean and beautiful for all Summer long.

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