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How to Clean UVPC External Frames, Cladding and Fasica

To clean any form of plastic on your house, you can just use warm soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge, cloth or brush.

Some dirt or green mould can be very stubborn to remove, so that's when the use of the appropriate detergent is used. These are freely available for you to purchase from hardware stores, online and DIY chains. A problem that homeowners can be faced with is reaching high and awkward areas.

Firstly, I will explain a bit about detergents

  • you can buy UVPC frame cleaner online, from various different companies;

  • for the more stubborn stains, there is a product called Razor Wash, which can be purchased online;

  • also a heavy duty cleaner called Ubik 2000. Both of the products for stubborn stains can be diluted - but you must not put them on to dry UVPC - you must wet it first;

  • it is important to do a test patch out of sight to see how it reacts to your UVPC, as it can turn it pink - the reason for this is that there are different grades of UVPC and a lower grade is more likely to turn pink;

  • when using Razor Wash and Ubik 2000, do small areas and wash off, as you must not allow the products to dry on the UVPC as the chance of it staining increases;

  • you can use Road Traffic Film Remover, which is a very strong product and needs to be administered with care to a wet surface, again after performing a test patch out of sight and without letting the remover dry on the UVPC.

Ways to Apply Detergent

  • Always read the instructions of products thoroughly before using;

  • Wear the appropriate PPE;

  • On easier to reach areas you can use an every day spray bottle or with a bucket and soft sponge;

  • The high, awkward areas are a problem for homeowners, as your safety is compromised when using ladders;

  • We have pumps, high reach poles with gutter brushes, fascia brushes, scaffold towers and more experience in what chemicals to use and professionalism in using them.

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