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We are not JUST window cleaners!  We offer a huge range of External Cleaning options for both Residential and Commercial properties.

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We do not advertise prices as every job is different due to requirements, size, access, level of attention needed and amounts of services required at one time - all of which can vary the price quoted.

Our quotes are offered on a no obligation no pressure basis

Solar Panels.jpg

Solar Panel Cleaning

We have High Reach Carbon Fiber Poles so that we work safely from the ground.  These  poles  deliver Ultra Pure Water directly to your Solar Panels, for the highest possible finish.    The water is ultra pure so that it leaves no water marks or stains which would hamper the performance of your solar panels.  Any dirt, dust, moss, debris, bird droppings or carbon film from exhaust emissions will hinder and decrease the performance of your panels and thereby lower their ability produce power.  It's recommended to clean your solar panels twice a year for optimum performance and maximum energy yield.


 We know that it is Ultra Pure Water because we buy it from a reputed company called Spotless Water.


Hot Water/Steam Pressure Washing

As you know, it is more effective to clean with hot water than cold.  Therefore, using a Lava Hot Box to pressure wash your Patio or Driveway is a much more effective tool, garnering higher results and better finishes than just by using a pressure washer.  The Lava Hot Box gives us a higher success rate of removing or lightening stubborn oil stains and heavy soiling on surfaces such as Brick Weave, Concrete, Paving Slabs and Tarmac.

We have the option of reducing the water pressure if the surface which requires attention is either very delicate or damaged prior to cleaning.

Other areas that benefit from the use of Lava Hot Box cleaning are Boats, Agriculture Farm Equipment, Garage Floors, Warehouse Floors. It can be used to de-grease heavy plant and the temperature is 140 degrees celsius when on maximum, so it is ultra effective.  Just for context, a boiling kettle is 100 celsius.


Moss Removel

We scrap moss from roofs using a specialised tool that is specifically designed for your particular roof tiles.  We have many different scrapping blades for the most popular roof tiles and we can obtain scrappers for every tile.  We then treat the roof with a Biocide Chemical which will stop the moss from returning for an average of between 3 and 5 years.  We carry out the works from either the ground or scaffold towers as we DO NOT walk on roofs.  We use nothing more than tap pressure and DO NOT use pressure washers - both of these working methods preserve the integrity of your roof and roof tiles.

Removing the moss from your roof reduces the weight of your roof; reduces the dampness on your roof - both of these actions prolongs the life of your roof.


Gutter, Fascia, Soffit and Conservatory Roof Cleaning

We offer glass and UVPC Conservatory Roof Cleans.  On glass we use Ultra Pure Water by Spotless Water to clean.  On UVPC we use a combination of Spotless Water and the appropriate chemical cleaner for your roof. 

For your Fascia and Soffits we use the appropriate UVPC cleaner and Spotless Water to achieve the highest results.  We also clean the exterior of your gutters.

We have a good success rate of removing moss, algae, dirt, grime and carbon emission film which restores curb appeal to your property.


SkyVac Gutter Clearance 

We clear out the contents of your gutters using a high powered SkyVac Gutter Vacuum which removes debris, dirt, leaves, moss, twigs, pine needles and cones.  

Our SkyVac machine has a mounted camera so that we can see that all the contents is removed.  Again, we work safely from the ground and there is no pressure put on the gutters themselves.  The poles are carbon fiber and therefore everything is light and non-stressing to the gutters.  We dispose of all debris as part of our service.


Bespoke Window Cleaning 

We like to offer a Bespoke service for a normal price - Let's talk you through "Bespoke" :-

You tell us exactly what you want and need and we can provide that service.  We also will attend your property on short notice and we do not hold you to a specific day for your "area" - we want you to know that we do not rush from one property to the next - we are there to clean your windows and take as much time as they require.  We clean all frames, cills doors and door furniture (we do wipe down all door furniture) inclusive in your price.

We do offer internal window cleaning if requested.

We mainly use Ultra Pure Water from Spotless Water. However, Traditional is an option which can be discussed.

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